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The Company Organizes to Watch "Captain of China"

Hits:1130   Date:2019-10-12

       On October 11, 2019, Zhongshan Xiangrong Caster Manufacturing Co., Ltd. organized employees from various departments to watch the "Captain of China" in the cinema.

      "Respect for life, awe of duties, and awe of regulations", the words resounded in my mind, and the remaining sounds remained for a long time. We must review it all the time to avoid the slack in the familiarity with the workflow and avoid hidden dangers for safety. Tighten the string of safety at any time, carefully inspect, find hidden dangers in time, and kill hidden dangers in the bud.

       I admire one of the scenes of the movie: in the 10,000-meter high-altitude cockpit windshield bursting off, the extremely rare danger of the cockpit pressure release, life and death, the captain can be dangerous, decisive, correct disposal, ensured The safety of all the people on board has created a miracle in the history of civil aviation in the world. This is also because the pilots and flight attendants have undergone day-to-day training, in order to perform tasks in a dangerous situation even in the event of unexpected events.

      Thank you for your life, thank you for your duties, thank you for your regulations!


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